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Health Coaching Options to Meet Your Needs

  • Come to us at Your Way to Health RI - 55 Meadowland Drive, North Kingstown, Rhode Island  

  • Meet at a mutually agreed upon location such as a coffee shop or library

  • Via Skype 

Certified "Deep Play for Kids" Teacher

Deep Play for Kids is an interactive program that teaches kids yoga, mindfulness and meditation skills and strategies through play and music. These strategies will provide a foundation to help kids successfully navigate the problems, stressors and anxiety that life presents.

Employee Wellness Programs

Good health and personal well-being promote increased employee morale and less absenteeism.

Your Way to Health RI works with businesses to provide wellness programs to employees.  We offer a wide variety of programming in either a presentation or hands-on, interactive format geared to improving overall health and wellness. We make learning fun!


Your Way To Health RI is a holistic health and wellness service in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, owned and operated by Kathy Tonelli, a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, certified Deep Play for Kids instructor and certified teacher at the elementary level. Our goal is to educate adults, children and families in aspects of a healthy lifestyle and to provide on-going support and accountability to individuals and families wishing to make positive, lasting lifestyle changes in order to attain a truly healthy and balanced life. Your Way to Health provides health and wellness education through programs, presentations and hands on workshops for both children and adults at our site or yours (through our mobile program), as well as a variety of small group and individual health coaching programs. Presentations and hands on programs are about an hour in length and cover a wide range of topics.  All can be tailored to meet your group's needs. 

Health coaching programs will guide you in exploring your current nutrition, exercise patterns, relationships, stress, sleep and much more and help you identify lifestyle changes you would like to make. Support and guidance are provided in a variety of ways including helping you staying on track and holding you accountable for small, weekly goals to enable you to achieve the results you want!  


Your Way to Health MOBILE...

Bringing any current program right to your doorstep, workplace or school.

(or we'll design a program to meet your needs!)

Choose from individualized and predesigned options

for adults and families. 

There are currently no events scheduled. Please check back with us soon!!

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